Article: Looking For Loss In All The Wrong Places

By Bestselling and Award-Winning Author
Bronwyn Marmo

We are a nation crying out for a new solution to our health crisis as 64-percent of Americans are overweight or obese. Americans spend $40 billion a year trying to lose weight, yet we are heavier than ever.

"We are searching in the wrong place.
The answer is beyond you...
beyond me... beyond self.
Let's go where the answer is."
- Carl Jung

So, if we are not going to find the answers "out there", where else can we turn?

One suggestion might be to look within ourselves. That may seem like a far-reaching and even scary thought for some of us. That's because we've been trained our whole lives to look outside of ourselves. Plus, it has also been convenient. It's been a great way for us to keep blaming our weight issues on our circumstances such as our spouse, children, job, boss and any other thing that crosses our path.

But how might things be different if we look within ourselves for the solution to weight loss?

For one thing, the blaming game would end. We would start taking responsibility for our bodies and how we are treating them. We would know that the food does not magically pop into our mouths, but that we put it there. We would know that it is vital to move our bodies in the way they were intended, for movement is a natural and basic part of life. And finally, we would intuitively know that we need to quiet our minds and rejuvenate our souls on a daily basis.

Bronwyn Marmo is a Bestselling and Award-Winning Author, Speaker, and Success Coach. She is the Associate Producer and one of the featured experts in the wildly successful documentary film, The Inner WeighTM

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