Welcome. You are exactly where you need to be.

I feel honored that you have chosen to visit me here at my website. I have intentionally created this space to be a safe haven, a place where your inner voice can become stronger than all the outer voices of the world.

I want you to know that you are loved more than you can ever imagine. You are not alone on this journey and never have been. There is an inner Divine wisdom that wants nothing more, than for you to be happy, joyous and free.

There is nothing you need to "do" to receive this Divine love. You don't need to achieve success, accumulate wealth or attain a thin body. You don't even need to exert any force or willpower. Rather, you can just "be".

Bronwyn Marmo

“Be still, and know that I am God.” - Psalm 46:10

By offering your emptiness, unconditional Love will fill you up in a way food can never do. You will be satiated from the inside and stop trying to stuff yourself with food on the outside.

I know this to be true because it's exactly what happened to me along with countless of others who I have had the privilege of personally coaching and teaching in workshops and retreats over the past ten years.

"Love the body you have, to have the body you Love"
- Bronwyn Marmo

The invitation to Love can awaken your heart and soul. Be open to receiving the gifts that are found on this website. Consider doing some deep breathing to calm your body and mind before you begin looking around, and then read in communion with your inner Spirit. You might experience a new bodily awareness, which could include hearing a voice beyond your own knowing, or see sparkles of beauty in places you had never noticed before. You might fall deeply and passionately in love with the world and everyone in it, especially yourself.

The more time you spend with us, you will know who you are, what is important to you, and how to love yourself as you are in each moment. As you learn to listen to your inner wisdom, you will be able to create the life and body you desire and uncover the truth that is hidden inside of you.

Are you lacking or deficient in some way because you want to make positive changes and transform your body? Absolutely not! Whether you would like to release weight, start or increase your exercise regime, or make better food choices, it simply means that you are evolving into all that you can be.

Think of a rose on the brink of blooming. It will be different tomorrow, but its present perfection and wholeness is in no way faulty or inadequate. It beams its beauty outward through every stage of growth. Remember that you, too, will be different tomorrow, but your present perfection is already whole, perfect, and complete.

When we understand that no matter where we are today we are already complete, there is no room for shame, guilt, and self-degradation. We can never achieve the results we are looking for if we continue to beat ourselves up and criticize our bodies. This can only leave us feeling negative. Self-defeat and hopelessness will overwhelm us before we even begin, rendering us paralyzed to take any positive steps forward. No wonder we feel "stuck" at times. Continue reading…

“Bronwyn Marmo shows that listening to your inner intelligence of your body is to reach optimal weight. I recommend this book.” - Deepak Chopra

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